Sunday, March 23, 2014

Who is pouncing on whom?

"Master, can I pounce on you?" I asked playfully as he climbed into bed last night.  

"Roll over, slave", he answered, and I immediately rolled away from him.   Then I heard him rummage in his night stand.  

Well, hmm.  What could he be looking for?  This certainly wasn't going according to my pouncing plans.

"Where's the lube?" he says.  That usually only means one thing.

"I think it might still be in our bag?" I said. That is the bag we take when we go out.

"Oh well, doesn't matter", he said.

My butt cheeks clenched a bit... doesn't matter?

He fished a short paddle out of the drawer. 

He began humming a little tune, and whacking my butt.  Whacking and humming.   When I was good and sore he had me flip over and spread my legs.  A few dozen solid thwaps on my pussy and thighs, then he told me to cum.  I did.

He turned me back onto my stomach and spanked me thoroughly, getting harder and harder blows with the paddle until I was whimpering quietly.  Then after a bit I think I was still, quiet and probably in subspace.

The spanking was done and he said it was time for sleep.  He had already used my cunt and then cum in my mouth earlier that afternoon and evidently he didn't need anything more.

I rolled over into cuddling position and went immediately to sleep. 


This morning I was up bright and early to make biscuits and bacon.  After breakfast Master had me suck his cock for a good long time while he played on the computer.  I couldn't see what he was playing or watching.   A few times I asked if we could go upstairs, but he merely pulled me back down and said that I had to wait.  Waiting is good for me.  Evidently.

I was so turned on I was dripping wet.  I came several times just while sucking him.

Finally he said to go upstairs.  He told me to get a towel and lie on it, on the bed.  I did this and he brought over an assortment of fun things:  the lube (which he found in the main toy drawer in my dresser), the long wavy paddle, and the magic wand (yay!).

He paddled me again on my already VERY sore ass (I STILL can't sit on a hard chair- I'm carrying my cushion around) and fucked me long and hard.  He shoved some things in my ass and fucked me more.  He had me use the magic wand and forced orgasms out of me until I reached incoherence.  It was marvelous.  Then we  cuddled up in that perfect afterward glowing spot with my head nestled on his arm. I sometimes wish I could just stay in that place forever.  I'll carry the memory of it in my mind anyway.   Such a good spot.

 So, things really HAVE been looking up for me.



  1. That all sounds perfect! Looking up?...I'd say!



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