Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Answers for Questions

March is Question and Answer Month! 

So if you have questions, I'll have answers.


  1. ooh good to see you joining in, this is so much fun!

    1) 3 things kink wise that are on your to-do list?

    2) have you tried something that you thought you would really like and subsequently have not?

    3) favourite form of bondage?


  2. 1. Do you like the pain he gives you? Does it make you feel more submissive?

    2. Do you often spot blood after a hard fucking?


  3. 1. How do you deal with your emotions on days when you don't want to submit?

    2. If you could stop Him from doing one thing ever again, what would it be?

  4. hehehehehe…questions questions!!!!

    1. What is most difficult about your 24/7slavery with Children in the house?
    2. What do you wish your Master would do that he doesn't?
    3. What was your first time with your Master like?
    4. What's your favorite song to scene to?

  5. oops, forgot to say thank you … in advance =)



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