Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Thank you for the great questions!  Tori's first:

1) 3 things kink wise that are on your to-do list?

I try never to make a kinky to do list.   A bucket list, I avoid like anything.  However, since it is question month I suppose I have to answer.  Of course, all are subject to Master letting me do them, as you could probably guess.

1.  Being tied up and used, blindfolded, by a group of people.  Maybe I know them, maybe not.  Master is there, and he's the only one who knows who is doing what.  I'm just there to be holes for use.

2.  Bukkake and/or getting pissed on by several men.  Oh my.  I'm pretty sure he's not going to let me do that.  But you never know, so I'm putting it down.   

3.   Single tail whipping done in a severe way, so there is blood.  I'm not sure I'd actually like that, but I do love whips, and have always had them used so only minor or medium welts were made, not real severe ones.  I just love the look of those marks.   I want some.  Though it scares me.

2) have you tried something that you thought you would really like and subsequently have not?

Hmmm.  Not really.  Mostly I have been afraid of just about everything before trying it, then once I've done it I decide either it is ok, pretty good or I love it.   Of course, just about every implement can be used in a WAY that I don't like in the moment, so there is that.  But that is sort of a love/hate thing.  The more I hate it, the more I love it.  

3) favourite form of bondage?

I love having my hands tied behind my back.  I think those are the times I have felt most helpless and submissive, when I can't use my hands, and especially if they are behind me.   When he has done this, most often he also has me on my knees and fucks me from behind.  It is a very controlled, helpless and sexy thing for me. 

And from Florida Dom, thank you also! 

1. Do you like the pain he gives you? Does it make you feel more submissive?

Yes I do. Many times when I'm receiving pain I am getting very turned on by it.  Even when it gets so intense that I think I can't take it, a few minutes of breather and I'm riding it again, finding a happy spot to get in with the pain.  

It is not so much the pain that makes me feel submissive, it is the way he does it.  It is the dominating attitude that goes along with everything else.  He doesn't have to be hurting me to raise that feeling though, it could merely be tone of voice or humiliation that would do it.  

2. Do you often spot blood after a hard fucking?

After a lot of hard fucking, yes, it is not uncommon at all for me.   "Fucked bloody", Master said last night. 

And from scarlet, more excellent questions!  Thank you, all of you!

1. How do you deal with your emotions on days when you don't want to submit?

I don't really have days I don't want to submit.  It is more like brief instants of not wanting to do certain things, then the instant is over and I'm doing it.   I have days when I feel grouchy and out of sorts, of course, but I still want to submit.   He can pull me out of these moods by applying any number of techniques to me, but the most problems come for me when he's also preoccupied and has very little to do with me, so I'm pretty much on my own, grumping around being unhappy.   Then I can get a very bad attitude.  If possible I will try to fix it myself by quietly kneeling at his feet. 

2. If you could stop Him from doing one thing ever again, what would it be?

Hahahaha- he's going to be mad, but playing Civilization would be my number one.   It is a massively time sucking video game. 

Feel free to submit more questions at any time!  


  1. Good answers to good questions. :)

    I has questions.

    1) I don't understand why we are not neighbors. How can we make this happen?

    2) Outside of the kinky play and the sexin' bit, what's been the biggest change to your 'vanilla' life since you two have come to the dark side?

    3) Prior to making it 'formal' with DM, how kinky were you two? Did you do bondage or play? Was there already a sort of power exchange at work in your relationship? How hard was it for him to hit you that first time?

    4) I know you two met when you were young. Was he your first?

    5) Which of you found the online kink world first? Did you keep it secret from the other? Was there any shame or embarrassment to show what you'd found?

  2. Thank you for your answers. I get the pain part. I feel the same way.

    Big Hug,

  3. Fabulous answers…thanks for sharing =)



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