Thursday, March 6, 2014

Questions Part 4

DelFonte asks:

Do you make your own implements and if so, which is your favourite home made one?

Yes, we do.  Last fall Master had me go out and cut some canes and switches from the willow trees in our little spot of forest.  The switches don't last long- they are very swishy and whip-like in feel, but quickly become brittle and break.  The canes are made from thicker branches and I'd say those are my favorite homemade implements.   They last pretty well, though he breaks them on me occasionally.  At least it is easy and free to make more.  I cut them, strip the bark and carve off any sharp projections with a knife.  

Master read your question and also wanted me to mention the toy I made from a radio antennae, our "red neck cane".    All I did was wrap some duct tape around the end for a handle.  That thing is pretty painful for me with very little effort on his part.  It hardly ever gets used though; I'm not really sure why.  

The most elaborate creation was a bullwhip made from rope, chain and tape.   You can see it HERE.

Thank you so much! 
 Please ask more questions at any time, I love this!


  1. Thank you! We've had so many small branches come down in our garden over our very windy winter, I think I have a ready made pile of switches!

  2. I made a switch once at the command of a female Top. Ouch. It did make a very unique sound.


    1. I know that sound! It makes my bits clench. :) Eeeee!


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