Saturday, March 22, 2014

I'm not mine to hurt

I'm not really up for writing everything in the blog, but just wanted to write this here as a reminder.

Master owns me.  I'm his property.  I don't get to hurt his property.  

 I failed in this yesterday, and he forgave me because there were circumstances... but anyway, I am still not allowed to do that for any reason, nor to ask him if I can hurt myself for any reason, and he still punished me for breaking a rule.    

After that was done came the very good kind of play.   He broke the next to last cane we have- time to buy more, and maybe upgrade to sturdier ones.   A helpful friend suggested carbon fiber or steel.   The longer stripes are from his whip.  Also, I got a seriously good fucking.  

Master's fingers appear in the blog!


  1. From the stripes on your butt, he must have strong fingers or is very good at wielding the cane with them. Are you usually marked like that after a beating?


    1. Sometimes, not most of the time. This was especially long and vigorous. The long stripes are from the single tail. There are some bruises today that weren't that apparent yesterday- cane, crop or paddle- I'm not really sure.

  2. Steel canes are ((WOW))!!!!! But the pain is uber delicious..... Master only worked on me for 5 minutes and I had nice colorful bruises for the next three weeks!


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