Thursday, March 6, 2014

Questions Part 7

Little girl asks: 

Has there ever been a time that your Master asked or commanded you to do something way out of your comfort zone and you refused. What was the result?

Oh yes, there have been a few.  I'm really more of a hem and haw'er, a waffler, or trying to plead off, rather than risking outright refusal most times. 

  One time that I remember really well was the second play party we ever attended.   As soon as we got inside he told me to take off my clothes. 


I'd NEVER done that before in front of a whole crowd of strangers.  But I went ahead and took my shirt and bra off, that was fine.  I just couldn't do the rest, so I begged to keep my skirt on.  He said it was ok for now, but very soon he had me tied up to a couple of support pillars and simply removed the skirt and underwear when I was helpless.   I was a little embarrassed, but it was not too bad.   Then he and another Dom co-topped me and I had a fantastic experience.  

Another time I got a little squeamish about taking my underwear off in front of people he threatened to cut it off with his knife.  Sometimes it is just really hard to let go of that last shred of clothes, like somehow one little pair of panties makes so much difference to my modesty and dignity.  

He has no desire to see my modesty and dignity in these situations, he wants to see me bare ass naked! 

I think these episodes give me a great deal of confidence that he means what he says and isn't going to change his mind even if I squirrel around and try to get out of doing it.   It makes being obedient the next time much easier.   Even though it is not really a formal training process, it is something of a lifetime training process.

Feel free to ask lots more questions!


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