Thursday, March 6, 2014

Answers Part 6!

From Anonymous, Thank you! 

1. What was your and your husband's majors in college? 

He majored in Biology and I majored in Zoology, which is essentially the same thing except without the plants.   I was especially interested in animal behavior.   

2. What line of work you used to be in? What line of work your husband is in now? 

I was a technician in a research laboratory.   Master is a veterinarian.   

I think you were an English or elementary education major and used to work as a teacher. And he is probably an electric engineer.

Nope, not at all.  We are science geeks.  I did enjoy English classes, and also was almost an Anthropology major, but ended up in Zoology. 

3. Did you both grew up in rural area?

Actually, neither of us did.  His family moved around a lot, from small towns to big cities, but never lived on a farm.   I grew up in St. Louis, which is also where we met.  My parents moved to a farm later, after I had moved out, but while I was in high school they owned the place in the country too, and we spent weekends out there.   Well, my mom and I did-- (Dad and brother were not interested) riding horses, building fences, taking care of sheep, gardening and stuff, then we were back in the city during the week.   There were some amusing stories of bringing lambs into the city house with us and having the police called in the middle of the night for "baa'ing". 

4. Are you both close to your families?

We don't live close to them- it is a full day's drive to the closest of our immediate family members, but we all get along pretty well when we see them.  Master's mom can be somewhat difficult to take for long periods, but he does his best to maintain a good relationship with her, mainly by not telling her anything that might worry her, as she gets way over excited by the smallest things.   She also likes to try to constantly improve everything I do, which can be helpful up to a point ("Let's paint this room!") but annoying after a short time ("You should change this and this and this....").

I am very close to my mom, and have always discussed everything with her.  I even asked her once how to get an orgasm, back when I a was a teenager, because I wasn't having them.  And she told me as much as she could. 
 Being kinky is the one exception though.  I haven't done more than admit to reading "Shades of Grey" and offered to lend them to her.  She said "I heard that was full of deviant sex.  I don't want to read that!"   She does have good taste in books, what can I say.  

5. Do you have a lot of regrets? Like not starting this lifestyle 10 years ago?

That is my one big regret.  I don't have a lot of others, really.  A few little ones, but I don't like to dwell on them.   


  1. I am quite fond of Biology myself. Majored in it and have worked in a laboratory for almost 20 years now!

    Has there ever been a time that your Master asked or commanded you to do something way out of your comfort zone and you refused. What was the result?

  2. How did you choose your blog name and what does it mean?

  3. I was almost an Anthropology major. Margaret Mead was one of my professors.


  4. Oh, wow, that is really cool, I remember studying about her. I loved those classes, and found it all so interesting, but I could not see making a career out of it.


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