Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Moar Answers! Part 3

For Fiona's questions,

1. What is most difficult about your 24/7 slavery with Children in the house?

Slavery with children in the house is perfectly easy.  Master simply phrases his orders as requests and they are none the wiser.  We save any noisy kinky stuff for when they are not around or asleep. The hard part is all the extras of being kinky- like going to events or play parties- pretty much the same issue any parents who want a social life apart from their kids would have.  Baby sitters are hard to find when you want them to be available and they are expensive.   

2. What do you wish your Master would do that he doesn't?

Oh, do we have room for a book?  I am so not the decider of which fantasies get realized here.   I'd like him to tie me down so I'm immobile more, I'd like to be tied up in bed to sleep, I'd like just a lot more bondage at every opportunity.  He generally prefers just to position me and tell me not to move.   

I'd like to be beaten every day, or more frequently.  I'd like never to have to give blowjobs while he plays video games.  

I'd like more micromanagement when he's home - like having to ask to go to the bathroom, or have him tell me what to wear, or just about any kinds of rules like that that he wanted to think up. 

I'd like to go back to our old welcome home ritual when he used to take me upstairs and do various painful/humiliating/degrading things to me for a brief few minutes, just to get into my head immediately.     

I'd like a lot more breath play.

Ok, I think that is enough for now.

3. What was your first time with your Master like?

I'm not sure what you mean by first time here?  If you would like to clarify I can try to answer the right question.  Anyway, I'm going to take a few stabs at various firsts.  

-The first time I met him we were both in high school.   My parents told me I had to join some extra curricular activities so I could get into college.  I joined the D&D club because I played that game, and Master was the president of it.   He was nice to me, and he made me step up and talk to the group instead of hanging back shyly. 
 I got a big old crush on him that day and even wrote in my diary about it.  

-The first time we had sex was in his college dorm room.  We had talked about it in our letters and decided that when I went to visit him, he was going to have my virginity.   It was difficult and painful, and he was the only one who had any fun that first time.  But I was glad to get that whole "being a virgin" thing over and done with.

-The first time I called him Master was in the summer of 2011.  This is too bad, but I don't remember a single specific thing about it.  He started with some hand spanking and he tied my hands with a leather strap for those first few sessions of kinky sex.   We were "bedroom only" at that time.   I never thought then that I would be his slave 24/7 as I am now. 

4. What's your favorite song to scene to?

I don't have any songs I like to scene to.   Something energetic and not too loud is better than easy listening music.  Master likes to sing, or beat out drum tunes on me.  I can ask him when he gets home for some of his favorites.   "Yellow Submarine" is a favorite one for him to beat out with sticks on my butt.  Then he plays "name that tune" with me, which I am perfectly horrible at.   I never have any idea what song it is, so I always just guess "Yellow Submarine".

Thank you so much!  Please ask more questions at any time, I love this!


  1. Fab answers!! You covered your firsts well!!


  2. Hi! Do you make your own implements and if so, which is your favourite home made one?

  3. BTW he just read my blog this morning, and when he got to my wishlist answer he said "Suffer, bitch, not going to happen." It it weird that THIS made me all tingly?


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