Friday, March 14, 2014


I'm pretty sure I dream-orgasmed last night.  I was sleeping, and remember cumming a couple of times with his fingers inside me.  Did I dream he was telling me to cum?   Then I woke up and his fingers were still inside me.  He pulled the covers away and fucked me, just long enough to get me good and wide awake.   

That was after a nice fucking/ass paddling session at bedtime.  


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  1. Do you have a certain list of daily rules or chores? How controlling is your M when it comes to such daily decisions as dinner menus etc? Is there any rule or expectation that you wouldn't mind getting rid of? Are you happier now in the marriage since becoming M/s, and also is he? How would you describe His personality in general terms? Also, how did you go about getting involved in BDSM Community things?


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