Sunday, March 16, 2014


I brought Master his tea, and stood next to his chair with my coffee in hand.

"Put that down" he said.

I put the coffee on the counter, and as I did he stood up and grabbed me by the throat with one hand and by the front of my robe with the other.    Shoving me hard up into a corner he growled at me,

"Thinking about you makes me so hard."

Eeee! Squish!  And my fuzzy pjs were wet, just that fast.  No underwear at the time, I just had my pj bottoms on.  

He pulled apart my robe and took the old cami with the frayed lace edgings in both hands.

Rrrrrippppp!  Torn in half, the edges dangled apart.   

"Slut. Whore. Cunt.  I bet you are all wet now."

"Yes, Master".   It was a major understatement. I think there was a  flood down there and FEMA would probably have to be brought in with their sand bags and shacks.  

He pressed into my neck again with his hand, pinning me harder against the wall.   Then he moved his grip to my hair and shoved me ahead of him, guiding me toward the stairs.   Halfway up I could feel the tension in his whole body mounting and I got ready to be thrown on the stairs.  He did so, pushing me to all fours there and grinding against me, before ordering me to hurry up to our room. I had lost my houseshoe, and I as felt around for it he smacked me a few times and told me to hurry up.   But house shoe!

I hurried up.   He had me on the floor and was thrusting into me immediately.  He took the remnants of my shirt and stuffed it in my mouth, flipping me over to fuck me on all fours.

   Then we moved to the bed.  He removed the shirt gag and told me to get the vibrator.  I laid it on the bed, then sucked him until he pulled me on top to fuck him.   He grabbed both my wrists and told me to use the vibrator.  

Well, I can't really now, can I?  You've got me.  Which I didn't say outloud because it was obvious what he wanted.  He wanted me to fight.   I struggled against his hold, trying to get away as he commanded over and over in tones of increasing sternness 

"Pick it up!  Why aren't you getting it?"  

  Finally he released my wrists and as I turned the vibrator on he raised his hand for a tremendous smack on my tit.   Without thinking, my arm came up and blocked him as his hand fell.   

"Are you blocking me?" Slightly incredulously.

"Yes, Master".   Very sheepishly.

He pinned both my wrists in his one hand, and with the other delivered very hard smacks to both tits, leaving handprints, and to my face, a little less hard.

This continued on, with many intense orgasms that all ran together into one big slush of delicious, until he was ready to cum, and he pushed my head down to take his cock in my mouth.  He told me to keep using the vibrator.  As he came, enveloped in my mouth, I also came hard, again.  

Afterward, he gave me a good smacking with the crop, just because.   

I love my life.




  1. Yay for you!! Sounds Hot!!!

    1. It was! This was yesterday and I'm still buzzing off it. Well, and then there was the heavy use of wood paddles before bed too... mmmm.


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